Delivery and returns.

Free shipping within Norway when you spend 1000NOK or more. Free shipping internationally when you spend over 5000NOK (approximately $500USD).

Due to our sustainability goals, we make all bags to order. Also keep an eye out on our Instagram in case we have any bags that have been pre-made for immediate purchase.  All bags will be ready for shipment within approximately 1 – 4 weeks of purchase, depending on order volume and materials in stock at our workshop.

You have the right to return any unused, unopened products within 14 days, according to Norwegain law. Please ensure you contact us at info@kort-handmade.com to organise your return and refund. All returned products must be unused and include their original packaging. We will process your refund within 5 working days of receiving your product.

Where do you source the leather for Kørt bags?

We source our 1st-grade leather from the most sustainable tannery in Scandinavia. We use only vegetable-tanned, top-grain leather. 

The history and size of the company means the entire production process – from the selection of the raw material to the finished product – is managed with scrupulous craftsmanship guaranteeing and maintaining a consistent quality.

Our supplier is proudly organically certified. They use cutting-edge equipment and products and pay particular attention to respect for the environment and research and development. They source locally from Scandinavia, so your bag may even be 100% Norwegian cow!

Do you use Vegan leather at all?

Vegan “leather” is not a completely natural product, therefore we at Kørt cannot support the use of this material in our products. Yes, even the pineapple leather contains almost 30% plastic. At Kørt we only use hides that are a by-product of the meat industry. We use this already available resource to ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Vegan ‘“leathers” also have a very short life span. So not only does the material contain plastic (an oil product harmful to the environment and not biodegradable), it also has a very short lifespan. Which in turn, means more virgin materials and products must be made. By using leather, we can ensure your product has a long life span, and is a natural material. We have tested a number of vegan “leathers” and the bags made with this broke within just a couple of uses. This is not something that aligns with our quality, or conscious sustainability values.

How can you guarantee the leather you source is a by-product of the meat industry?

A little know fact, all cowhides are a by-product or waste product of the meat industry. Cattle are only bred by farmers for their meat. In most cases, farmers do not receive any payment for the hides of the cattle. The weight of the hide is deducted from the total weight of the animal before the farmer is paid. The hides are then sold by the abattoir to tanneries. As farmers generally do not receive any money for the hides from their cattle, they do not breed cattle for their hides at all. Meaning that by purchasing a leather handbag, you are not contributing to the meat or farming industry. But you are supporting an otherwise waste product being reused and turned into a usable product, thereby not disrespecting the animals' life in any way, and not contributing to the oil industry. If there was no demand for bovine meat, there would be no hides. Our Founder Courtney grew up on a large cattle property in central Queensland, Australia. So she can first-hand guarantee this, and also provide physical evidence of what a farmer is paid. Just ask! info@kort-handmade.com


Where are Kørt handbags produced?

All of our bags are designed by our CEO and Creative Director Courtney Marles, and handcrafted in her workshop in Norway. Therefore guaranteeing the best labour and wage conditions for the production of the bags. Our materials and equipment are responsibly sourced from verified and certified companies. We cannot disclose our supplier due to copyright of our products. But send us an email if you would like more information or further proof of their certifications. We are constantly reviewing the companies we engage with along our entire supply chain, to ensure their raw materials are ethically and sustainably sourced, and that they pay fair wages with ethical working conditions.

How can I repair my bag if it gets damaged?

Send us an email at info@kort-handmade.com so we can start organising for your bag to be repaired, or for a piece to be replaced if it is beyond repair. If it is not a manufacturing error, we cannot cover the costs of this, but it will be done in the most economical way for both parties.

Will a passer-by be able to pull the clutch off the front of my Kymera?

Definitely not. The clips we use are able to withstand a pull weight of up to 120kg. They are designed and made in Germany, to the highest quality and standards. The only way to release the clutch is by unclipping it from inside the Kymera Tote.

Do you have any stockists?

We do not currently have any stockists, however, if you would like to get in touch with any partnership proposals, please email info@kort-handmade.com