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Peter Salmon Leather Bookmark

Peter Salmon Leather Bookmark

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- Norwegian salmon leather bookmark

- backed with scandinavian cow leather

- luxury reading at it's finest

- the gift for someone who has everything

- 100% handmade in Norway

- no two are the same due to the natural properties of the salmon leather

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The story behind:

"Peter works in Norskinn to take the lovely raw material from 'just fish skin', to this beautiful, responsible exotic Norwegian salmon leather. I have never seen such an incredible material to use. When you think of the future of exotic leathers, this is it." - Courtney

Norwegian Tanned Salmon Leather:

Norwegian Salmon Leather is the most sustainable exotic leather in the world. Sourced from the famous Saltstraumen in Bodø, Norway, with the highest quality salmon leather in the world. We have partnered with Norskinn tannery to bring you only the best of the best when it comes to our Norwegian salmon leather. 

Not only is the salmon raw material from Norway, the leather is tanned in Norway, and the product made in Norway. 100% Norwegian.

Scandinavian Vegetable Tanned Leather Lining:

The look and feel of the leather is incredible. Specifically milled for Kørt at half the time to be stiffer than normal to give your bookmark that extra shape holding power, while also feeling incredibly smooth and soft.

Our vegetable tanned leather is the most traditional and environmentally friendly real leather on the market. Tanned next door in Sweden and sourcing only from organic, free range farms. You can be rest assured that these are the happiest cows you will ever come across! 100% by-product of the food industry and EU organic certified farms to ensure the safe and environmentally positive impact of the farming practice.



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