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Kymera 37 & 35 Full Set

Kymera 37 & 35 Full Set

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- 20 different ways to wear

- multifunctional small bag from 13" or 15" laptop handbag, to bumbag (fanny pack), to handbag, to cross body bag, to backpack

- luxury, natural cow leather from Scandinavia

- 100% made in Norway

- fits all strap options

- safe and secure with 120kg closure rating, anti-theft front pocket

- modular bag system

- first and only in the world of it's kind

Size Guide 37 - 15":


Size Guide 35 - 13":



The set includes:

- 1 Kymera tote (35 or 37)

- 1 Satchel

- 1 Courtney clutch 

- 1 Laptop sleeve (13" or 15")

- 2 long straps

- 2 medium straps

- 1 main anchor

- 1 multi-use Kørt branded dust bag

- Instructions for use

The story behind:

"The Kymera is where it all started. I've lost count how many times I've told this story, so I'll just regurgitate it as best I can for you all. I was travelling for work a lot internationally and nationally before I moved to Norway, and I was getting really sick of taking so many handbags with me. I wanted a bag for work to fit my laptop etc, then I wanted a clutch to go for dinner, that was also a cross body so I could wear it hands free if I was going to the bar. Then I also wanted a satchel size backpack and cross body for when I was exploring wherever I was on my day off. Being from Australia, I would always take a few extra days when I travelled because it is such a long way to anywhere!'

That's when I go so frustrated, I started designing and making my own bag to solve this issue. Asking around with friends and colleagues, I found I of course wasn't the only one with this problem. 

So after 5 years of designing, making, testing, on repeat. I came up with the Kymera and launched it in 2020. Smack bang in the middle of the pandemic! What terrible timing I have! A bag designed to go to and from work, and the perfect travel bag, when we couldn't even leave our houses. This still makes me laugh to this day." - Courtney

Vegetable Tanned (stiff):

The look and feel of the leather is incredible. Specifically milled for Kørt at half the time to be stiffer than normal to give your bag that extra shape holding power, while also feeling incredibly smooth and soft.

Our vegetable tanned leather is the most traditional and environmentally friendly real leather on the market. Tanned next door in Sweden and sourcing only from organic, free range farms. You can be rest assured that these are the happiest cows you will ever come across! 100% by-product of the food industry and EU organic certified farms to ensure the safe and environmentally positive impact of the farming practice.

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